Behavior tracking app to monitor autism goals

When we meet with Kiddo’s therapists, they inevitably ask me how things are going, and I almost always struggle to give them an accurate report. Life is hectic. Between working from home, keeping up with household demands, homeschooling Kiddo, and managing his autism, it’s hard to keep track of his day-to-day progress on various goals. I try to take notes, but in the midst of an autistic meltdown or other behavior problem, note-taking takes a back seat to restoring peace.

Behavior tracking appSo I downloaded a behavior tracking app for my smartphone, aptly named Behavior Tracker. I looked at some others, including Catalyst and ABPathfinder, but they’re expensive and seem more appropriate for service providers with multiple clients. Behavior Tracker Pro also sounded good, but it’s only available for iOS. That’s okay. I’ve been using Behavior Tracker, and so far it seems to suit my needs.

I entered all of Kiddo’s behaviors we’re trying to track into the app, and then each time one of them happens, I just tap the screen, select the behavior, and tap the checkmark to enter it. It also has options for including notes and pictures with each entry. So far I’ve been adding notes to document antecedents and consequences, but I haven’t tried including pictures yet. The app runs reports and has an export function, so I can save the reports on my Google Drive or somewhere else if I want.

Since I installed the app a couple of days ago, I’ve been documenting more behaviors than ever before, which should help us more accurately track Kiddo’s progress on our goals for him.

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